Announcement of Ceasing Publication


Dear authors, reviewers as well as readers of Caribbean Journal of Science

During the past decades, we published thousands of original research, review articles, essays, and book reviews cover various topics in botany, zoology, ecology, conservation biology and management, archaeology, geology, and paleontology, etc., and attracted considerable number of authors, researchers and scholars all over the world to make contribution to us, the creed we have long been keeping is to provide the essential and latest research fruits to our community and this is also what we did all the time.
However, after the last issue (Vol 52, No 4) was released, we decide not to accept new submission any more for publishing in light of our financial difficulties. This is the decision we had considered for a long time since the financial situation of us is get increasingly worse in the past several years. Besides, the journal is financially sponsored by the University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez since the birth of the journal, but the university made a decision of halting the funding recently due to the its stress of public expenditure, which means that the publishing work of Caribbean Journal of Science has to be ended. Some of our readers and authors may already know our predicament and some of them even expressed they were willing to help us, but the fact it is hard to escape from the quagmire we fell into simply by virtue of individual assistance.
So, the sad truth is the journal ceases publishing for good, but it does not mean we never accomplished great things. At last, we would appreciate our authors, readers and staffs that ever made contribution to Caribbean Journal of Science and sincerely wish everyone all the best for the future.

Editorial Board of Caribbean Journal of Science

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Caribbean Journal of Science (CJS) is dedicated to publishing original research, review articles or essays, and book reviews relevant to natural science.  
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